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Marketing Service for Hunting Guides, Outfitters, Ranches, and Lodges
Outfitter Pros

For Outfitters - How to Join

Pay ONLY When You Book Hunters

Follow the easy 4 step process below to join OutfitterPros.net and start receiving high quality hunting leads from serious hunters from across the country.   We provide hundreds of leads worth over $1,000,000 every month to our member outfitters.

Step 1:

Start Receiving Pre-Qualified Hunt Leads By Filling Out the Form Below

  • Sign Up and Start Receiving High Quality, Detailed Hunting Leads via Email
    • Most accounts can be setup within 24 hours, sometimes much Faster! No Setup Fees!
  • Pursue Only the Leads That Best Match Your Hunt Offerings
  • No Monthly Fees - You Pay ONLY When You Book a Hunter!
    • Commission for Initial Booking only 10% - No additional commissions for repeat hunters.

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OutfitterPros.net Business Model

Our business model is the first of it's kind in the hunting industry. We chose this model because IT WORKS, and it's cost-effective to outfitters. Our business model is similar to ServiceMagic.com, an internet company that boasts a client base of over 50,000 home contractors. ServiceMagic provides it's member contractors over 300,000 leads a month from homeowners needing electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, new roofs, window replacements, etc.

We've gone one step forward compared to ServiceMagic, which charges for each and every lead. You only pay when we produce a booking for you - no monthly fees or service charges, EVER.

High Quality, Detailed Hunt Leads
  • OutfitterPros.net qualifies hunt details with the hunter prior to providing them to our member outfitters:
    • Primary Species
    • Location
    • Weapon (Bow or Gun)
    • Hunt Timeframe (Month or Season and Year)
    • Budget per Hunter & Party Size
    • Additional details about the hunt in the Comment Field:
      • Secondary species
      • Preferred hunt method(s) & guide level
      • Trophy expectations
      • Lodging preferences
      • Tag Status (when applicable)
      • Non-hunting guests (when applicable)
      • Special needs/requests
      • etc.
    • Hunter's name, home state, email address, up to 3 phone numbers.
  • You will only receive leads that exactly match your hunt offerings - you won't get flooded with a bunch of irrelevent lead emails:
    • Species
    • Location
    • Weapon (Bow or Gun)
    • Hunter's budget must meet your hunt's price range

Low Commissions, NO Monthly Fees or Service Charges

  • You pay a 10% commission AFTER you book a group of hunters.
  • No commissions required for repeat customers.

Limited Competition

We limit the number of outfitters in each state to 3 (typical) to 5 (max) to maximize your chances to convert leads to bookings.
  • Book more hunters with less competition from other outfitters.

Future Plans

We believe we offer the best value in the industry. Many of our member outfitters that have tried the competition have told us so. But we're not content to stay with the status quo. We're continually adding new services and features. Future plans include:
  • iPhone and SmartPhone Apps to take advantage of the explosive growth in internet-enabled mobile devices.
  • A platform to help you book your hunting specials & deals as they come up through the year: cancellation re-bookings, early bird specials, group discounts, off-peak season rates, etc.
  • Increasing our marketing budget to drive more traffic to the site, which in turn means more leads to our member outfitters.

Step 2:

We'll contact you to start the application process.

To be accepted into our program, you must agree to abide by our Outfitter Code of Ethics and our Terms of Service
OutfitterPros.net Code of Ethics

  • I will comply with all Federal, State, and local game rules and regulations.
  • I will maintain liability insurance and all required permits and licenses.
  • I will provide my guest with the utmost in service, safety and value.
  • I will not deceive or mislead clients regarding my prices and/or services, to include harvest/success rates, quantity of game, and quality of game in my hunting area.
  • Upon request, I will provide a prospective client with a list of references of hunters who have recently hunted with me. References will be hunters that are not related to me and also not associated with my business in any way
  • I will inform clients about events beyond my control which may adversely affect their experience, including weather, lack of game/fish, or other factors.
  • I will do my best to preserve the delicate balance between wildlife, habitat and humans.

We maintain the right to audit your business at any time to confirm you have all required licenses and permits and to confirm current liability insurance.
Terms of Service

  • Hunting leads from OutfitterPros.net are to be used exclusively by the registered outfitter. Transfer or sale of leads to other parties is strictly prohibited.
  • We maintain the right to cancel or refuse membership for violation of our Code of Ethics, violation of our Terms of Service, or for any other reason at our sole discretion.
  • We maintain a "One Strike and You're Out" Policy. Failure to report a booking in reply to our monthly booking inquiry email will lead to immediate termination of your account.
  • Payment methods accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, PayPal, Checks, and Money Orders

Step 3:

Once you're approved, we'll create an account for you and add your hunts to our database.

  • All species you offer
  • Locations where your hunts are conducted. Multiple locations are supported for outfitters that offer hunts in multiple states/provinces.
  • Price ranges for bow and gun hunts - obtained from your website or from price list that your provide via email

Step 4:

Start viewing high quality leads and pursue only the ones that best match your hunts, hunt prices, open dates, and other hunter preferences.

  • You will receive your leads via email. In addition, you will be able to view and manage you leads via your online account, our exclusive "Hunter Lead Management System".
  • Only pursue leads that provide the best match to your hunt offerings and hunt availability for the timeframe requested by the hunter.
  • The hunter will enter into a contract directly with you.
  • Receive the hunter's deposit.
  • Report the booking in reply to our monthly email inquiry. As mentioned earlier, you will be provided a website login to the Hunter Lead Management System where you will be able to review all of your leads and hunters contacts in one simple, tabular web page so you can easily determine which OutfitterPros.net hunters booked with you.
  • Pay the 10% commission via credit card, check by mail, or PayPal.

Welcome to OutfitterPros.net, Matching Hunters with Reputable Outfitters.

Outfitter Program Overview

Welcome to OutfitterPros.net, Matching Hunters with Reputable Outfitters.

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Welcome to OutfitterPros.net, Matching Hunters with Reputable Outfitters.

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Welcome to OutfitterPros.net, Matching Hunters with Reputable Outfitters.

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